What u kno bout dis song. Nahhin,…  slappin!!!
Top 3 old groups and albums to scream along with the lyrics too. All time favs.
My beautiful mother last weekend at Bridgepprt Res.  (at Bridgeport Reservoir)
Gardnerville and Minden, CA is one of my favorite out there towns. Soooo beautiful and full of serene nature.  (at Minden, CA)
Just got back from camping and a long ass hot ass day of driving back today and ima try and keep my hot head cool and the dude abides #meeechgang (at The Rager Cottage)
Last night i was camp fiya turnt! King of the Campfiya!
#tbt on a Saturday
This weekend we saw a real old ghost town (Bodie, CA) and a few mining sites. This was one of the random sites we came acros in the middle of bumfcuknnowhere and i think on the NV side of where we were camping at too. Yesterday consisted of about almost 80 miles of open hot desert and today about 60 miles too. HOTTT!!!  (at Bodie Ghost town)
I’m Bridgeport Res. famous ya’ll! Check me out.  (at Bridgeport Reservoir)