Finally! “Live die repeat: Edge of tomorrow” is out. It’s about to go down! #TomCruise
This one right here. Always giggles and smiles 🐞
This mans a beast. HBD pops
Awesome weekend. Happy birthday pops
Throw back to this amazing weekend with the love of my life in LA a few years back for Hard Summer music festival. Also had my homie @skaterpoe with us and when Mia yakked her brains out thinking she could hang and pre-party with us before the festival.
Lets go motha fahkin’ RAIDERS!!!!!! #Raiders #RagerGang #weed #dank#dankonya #bongrips #candyjack #airbearingjars #ganja #GanjaVader #realhennysippers shoutout to my homie @youngjav where you at bruh bruh.  (at Park Orchard Apts)
Toilet gang 💩 (at The Rager Cottage)
#Gennix #Gennixbikes #Heineken @heinekenpr @heinekenbr @heineken @heinekenus
#Meeechgang tall boys 3tres modelos y sauced up! #Heineken  (at Kaiser Permanente Health Care)
Fyi a third modelo 6er under the chicken! Who says saturday mornings are not for day drinking. Also fyi Safeway on foothill is completely out of beer like its the Superbowl weekend  (at Val’s Burgers)